Friday, June 03, 2005

I really should post hear more often

OK its been about 5 months since I posted. But hey PA has passed 2 laws so far this year!

I'm starting to think that we will see a MAJOR paradigm shift on many issues.

Something has got to give with health care- the current system is working against itself. (For example a $10 co-pay almost forces parents to take their kids to the doctor for the sniffles. A horrible waste of resources)

Roads and bridges can't be funded by a fuel tax. Education funding will need to change, and although I don't agree with the Commonwealth Caucus our Sales and Use Tax in PA takes a lawyer AND an accountant to figure out.

OK folks you heard it here first- Social Security will be to Rick Santorum what health care was to Harris Wofford. If there is no progress by November 2006 BYE BYE Rick.


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