Friday, June 17, 2005

School Boards

I hear all of this talk about out of control school boards. If you want to control school board spending start paying them. They'll be worried about keeping their jobs and will only raise taxes in a crisis!

Bush Crumbling

The Republicans are starting to fall apart. Members of his own party are begining to seriously question the Iraq policy. If things don't turn around they could loose seats

Friday, June 03, 2005

W and Bad Info

Anybody else think that it is funny that W is admonishing others about checking their facts (Newsweek) before they act.

Hey George perhaps you should take your own advice

I really should post hear more often

OK its been about 5 months since I posted. But hey PA has passed 2 laws so far this year!

I'm starting to think that we will see a MAJOR paradigm shift on many issues.

Something has got to give with health care- the current system is working against itself. (For example a $10 co-pay almost forces parents to take their kids to the doctor for the sniffles. A horrible waste of resources)

Roads and bridges can't be funded by a fuel tax. Education funding will need to change, and although I don't agree with the Commonwealth Caucus our Sales and Use Tax in PA takes a lawyer AND an accountant to figure out.

OK folks you heard it here first- Social Security will be to Rick Santorum what health care was to Harris Wofford. If there is no progress by November 2006 BYE BYE Rick.